safety is over-rated

the edge

is where life exists





fog and shadow

caves and tunnels

“safe at home”

is the lie

that we tell ourselves


“home” is on a planet

occupied by warlike tribes

possessing weapons of mass destruction

with unpredictable

volcanoes, tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes

rotating at a thousand miles an hour

orbiting at 67,000 mile per hour

a blazing star

with sunspots and solar flares

part of a solar system

with meteors and comets

within a galaxy

moving at 1.3 million miles per hour

in a universe

of dying stars

black holes

and supernovas


by an angry infantile God

or the Big Bang


is probably not the best word for that


in the dungeon

I will keep you safe

yet put you at risk

for the edge

is where we exist

©2018 Raibeart Bruis

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